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November 25, 2010, Anonymous
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Jared Shafer is a professional guardian who has been exploiting our senior citizens, the disabled and our honored veterans for nearly 30 years. He fine tuned his exploitation skills while being the public guardian of Clark County from 1979 until 2003. He transitioned to a private business, having learned all the tricks of the trade while in public office.

The family court system in Las Vegas sanctions Mr. Shafer's exploitation by allowing him to take control over individuals that do not have a family member who live in Nevada. The family court, in particular, the guardianship commissioner, Jon Norheim, appears to be working for Jared Shafer, not in the best interest of the wards. In particular, veterans are exploited for their benefits and pensions from the U.S. government for serving and being injured fighting for our country.

The Las Vegas court system fights the families to prevent them from taking care of their loved one. The Clark County family court thrives on using lies, deception and the breaking of Nevada state statues that pertain to guardianship. Nevada even has a chapter in their NRS called 160, that provides added protection to veterans and their VA benefit payments. But the family court in Las Vegas doesn't care about the veterans or any other ward because all they care about is making sure that the guardians, especially Jared Shafer, earn a living off of all these elderly veteran's retirement, pensions and disability benefits.

Jared Shafer and Jon Norheim treat the families as if they are crimminals when in reality they are the criminals, exploiting the families by forcing them to pay for attorneys to fight for guardianship of their family member while the court allows the guardian to hire expensive unethical attorneys which are paid from the ward's estate!

Clark County, Nevada, has a dirty secret, this whole guardianship racket. But the secret is out now as hundreds of victims are coming forth and reporting the abuses to the Nevada state attorney general, the Nevada Judicial Descipline Committee, the IRS, Social Security, the Veteran's Administration, the Government Accountability Office and many other entities. Major investigations are in the works and the more people that come forward the faster justice will be seen.

Reports and articles have been around for nearly 10 years but now the frequency and details of exploitation of guardian Jared Shafer and the Las Vegas family court are reaching a peak. For instance, read this from 2005, and this updated editorial from 2002 and this from 2008 just to point out that this corruption and exploitation by Jared Shafer has been documented and published before.

If you know of anyone that is a victim of Jared Shafer, please report to the agencies above and post your story.

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