JANICE HOOD'S OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOGS, JANICE HOOD Fraudulent Sale/Deceptive Practices/Sold a dog as - JANICE HOOD'S

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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Janice Hood advertised an Old English Sheepdog puppy with papers in her ads. When I inquired she said the puppy would be fully registered and costs $800. When I arrived to purchase the puppy, she told me the dog would be registered under UKC, not AKC. Janice assured me she would send the papers of his Full Registration, and that I would receive them in about 1 week.
That was on July 19th 2010. Almost 4 months since she promised to send the Full Registration, she still has not done so. I have several e-mails admitting I paid for a Fully Registered puppy, but Janice Hood claims she is having "financial troubles," and can not afford to register the puppy, but that I will get the papers. Janice Hood is now still trying to sell his littermate and also claims he has "papers." BEWARE!
Last, Janic Hood claimed my puppy's birthdate is May 1, 2010. Upon taking him to my vet, the doctor said our puppy was more than 6 months old, not "two months."
Janice Hood engaged in fraudulent sales (selling a much older dog) and deceptive trade practices by promising Full Registered dog and not providing the registration.

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