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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I can't write my entire story it is much to long. In short I am still waiting for a refund of $2900.00 from Janian & Associates. This refund was promised in September of 2010. I signed on with this law firm in November,2009. When I finally was able to actually speak with Armen Janian I was given an excuse that he was and I quote" Out of the Country" Peoples homes were in jeopardy and Mr. Armen Janian was "Out of the Country" They have since hired a gun-ho individual by the name of Michael Jackson that came in with his cape and super powers of passion and ambition thinking he was going to save Janian & Associates. Guess what to little to late. Just like the reputation of this Law Firm the return phone calls have stopped. I guess Mr.Michael Jackson bit off more than he can chew! I still am waiting for my REFUND!

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