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International Nutrigenic Life
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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I too have been victim of International Nutrigenic Life via an internet scam (also trades as Int'l DIET MAX in UK). I signed up for a 10 day trial and was only to be billed for postage (1.91).

I was billed for 55.95 (on 18th October) plus 2 lots of postage on 7th & 8th October, and the product arrived on 22nd October, with no paperwork enclosed.

Imagine my surprise, when I noticed that on 11th November the sum of 1.89, and on 12th November 47.40 was debited from my bank account payable to DIET MAX. I have still not received any goods in November.

Having contacted my bank, it became apparent that this company had set up a continuous payment scheme without my consent. After many attempts I managed to speak to one of the sales reps in London, and had to almost bully the poor woman into submission in order to get a link e-mailed to me, so that I can cancel this fraudulent agreement.

Do NOT deal with this company, there are huge numbers of complaints of a similar nature to mine.

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