International Award Advisors I.A.A. I was duped into paying $20.00 for a promised reward of 2.5 million dollars Hunting Station, New York - international award advisors

international award advisors
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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I received a letter from I.A.A which I read throughly. I was instructed to send and included, signed paper with $20.00 in the included envelope to International Award Advisors. On the back there was another paragraph stating that I should take that letter and write the letters "DNM" next to my name and mail it to I.A.A in a plain white evvelope. I mailed both of these letters registered, return receipt. I alos sent a copy of the entire letter and award to the U.S Attorney General, The New York Attorney General and the North Carolina Attorney General. I regret not checking the internet first but felt with the precautions I took, I might be able to bring legal action against the company if things did not follow as promised.

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