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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have been a patient of IHC physicians for the last 8 years. IHC has the WORST billing department I have ever dealt with. They are incompetent and very very rude.
I have been waiting since Feb. of 2009 for a refund of $80.64 that was billed to me in error. I have written two letters and no response. I have called 3 times and Nicole at the central lab is so snotty that I spoke to her supervisor and complained. Nothing was done to resolve this over payment.
I was in a car accident in April and IHC was impossible to deal with the coordination with my auto insurance. I even physically went into McKay-Dee to discuss my bill. I ended up working with customer relations rep as the billing staff was so snotty. It has finally been resolved. Seriously, having to go in physically to discuss your bill? Did I mention they kept me waiting 45 minutes before getting service?
Every time I or a family member goes to the MD I have to watch my EOBs and they never match what IHC has billed. NEVER! This last bill my daughter went in for a sports physical, the MD talked to her about her acne, then charged for a separate office call. They then billed for an additional $92.32.
I could rant on an on...for what they have done with billing with my elderly mother is horrid, simply horrid.
I have made the decision that I am no longer going to go to any physician associated with IHC. The physicians are fine, it is the billing staff that are horrid to deal with.

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