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November 10, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was contacted by Integrity Mortgage and Credit Solutions on June 10th regarding a loan modification. I was told after all paper work was done that I qualified for a modification and an upfront fee of $1,153 was due before the processing was to begin. I'm unemployed, so coming up with this amount of money wasn't easy. I sent them all the necessary paper work required for them to begin, but as time went by, I called numerous times to inquire about my application. I contacted them after receiving a response from my bank saying that my application was denied because all of the proper paper work wasn't sent to them. Even though I sent copies many, many times to IMACS, I had to fax copies of the same paper work to my bank because IMACS wasn't helping me. I'm now waiting for a response from my bank of my status. I received a email in September from a representative of IMACS stating that she will no longer be working for them and that a new representative would be calling me in a week. No one called me. I called after a week and the telephone numbers given to me had been disconnected and the website was no longer in existence. I have since gone to court without further instruction about anything. Since then, I learned that going through a loan modification shouldn't cost me nothing. IMACS said that it did. My loan counselor said that I should request a refund, because they ripped me off. I'm going through more than I thought I'd be going through, while doing everything on my own. I wasn't told I could have sent my application to my bank myself for nothing. I want my money back because this company was deceptive and it took advantage of the position I'm in.

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