Insta Cash I was contacted by daniel andrews and was told if I didnt pay 900 and some dollars they were taking me to court and it would cost me 5000 - Insta Cash

Insta Cash
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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was contacted by insta cash by Daniel Andrews, he informed me he worked for a back door company for instacash and that I owed 900 and some dollars and if I didnt settle with him now on the phone , it was going to cost me 5000 , I would have to go to court , they would contact my employer and government agencys,and I can be charged with money launderying. I asked him who he worked for and he kept saying instacash and I told him I did not know who that was and he continued to tell me they own 300 plus web sites, I asked him who the loan was through, he hung up on me, then he called back. I again asked him who he worked for and where was the loan taken from?. Again, another hang up with a return call, I answered his questions, he asked if I had any judgements against me and a 2 other questions that I cant remember right now, I told him I answered his questions now I would like mine answered without being hung up on, he was hard to understand in the first place, his accent was very thick and I could hear other people speaking in the background. he said he would answer them because he had all of my information in front of him. I once again asked who the supposed loan was through? He said he didnt have that info due to the fact that they own 300 compines, I asked him how much was the loan for? He couldnt tell me that either, he just said with late fees and other costs it was 900 and something, I asked him what bank this supposed money was issued to? he did tell me the name of my bank but failed to have the routing number or account number, but he he had all of the info he needed to take me to court.I cant call them back because the number on my ID is 0000. He also asked me to verify my social and I refused.

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