hydroxatone hydrolize,orexia they claimed they didn't recieve the product but recieved the other one which was delievered at the same time and someone - Hydroxatone

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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

i fell into the trap of trying hydroxatone. i purchased that along with another product that they promote. i didn't like either one. i shipped back less then the 30 days of the satisfaction guaranteed or the free trail offer. in fact i used it for 15 days. sent it back. i sent the product through ups not usps which is the way they receive or track products. ok my goof. after contacting ups i was told that they rerouted the shipment to their physical address. someone signed for both of them and they received both at the same time. both products were delivered at the same time and were accepted. so i don't believe that they didn't get my second product. it just so happens that my second lost product is the one that i would be entitled a refund on. coincidence i don't think so. the lady tried to tell me they have no physical address. they must, where do they store these items. if it is their policy not to receive products at their location they should of refused my product/shipment therefore i could get the product back. then followed through. they have my product. i don't believe for one minute that they don't have it. they purposely didn't enter my product received. it was human error but they should try to find out for the customer what happened and who signed for it. i don't blame the call center but the overall company for the set up they have. i couldn't of been the only one ever to of sent it to their physical address. does that mean that since it was shipped to the wrong place that i loose out both my product and my money. if their employee signed for it they should be responsible for rectifying the problem.

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