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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I worked for this company as a subcontractor, 1099, for three months. I was selling Comcast internet, TV and phone door to door. There was difficulty in getting paid but was promised that it will be taken care of. Finally it was worked out and the company owed me over $10,000 in commissions. They said that there were charges against the commissions and they would be deducted, but they never substantiated those charges. After several phone calls and emails they told me that they did not get paid from the contractor that they were sub contracting to, Stampede, which was a direct sub-contractor of Comcast. In speaking to Stampede, they told me that Human Channel marketing had broken their agreement, so Stampede was not going to pay on the contracts sold. Many of the contracts I sold were paid to Human Channel Marketing, but no accounting of that was ever shown. Human Channel Marketing has since simply refused all of my inquires as to when and if I was going to get paid.

To be totally fair, the office in Schaumburg is well run and most of the other reps there were paid as far as I know. The service of Comcast was delivered to the customers but I was not paid for those contracts.

In checking with the contracts I sold most all of my customers are still in service and have kept the service. As far as I know I did nothing wrong in my sales and all paperwork was done correctly. I have not been told that I did anything not to deserve payment for the over 40 contracts I sold. Normally I was to be paid within two weeks of when the service was installed, but this has not happened.

I have tried several times to resolve this over the past two months with no results.

If you are considering working for them, make sure you have everything in writing and keep track of your own sales. Never let them go two weeks without paying you, for if the amount gets high they might not pay you at all.

I am looking for others that have had the same experience and maybe together we can get some results.

If this gets resolved I will write a retraction, for all business these days have their difficulties.

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