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Charlie Autry’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring
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November 8, 2017, JimOhio
Amelia, Ohio, United States

My carpet/vinyl installation kept getting put off with no communication to me. This is an empty house that I am renovating. The complete interior of the house was freshly painted a few days before they got here.

During the installation, they scratched and scuffed-up numerous walls, baseboards, and doors that I am going to need to re-paint. They also smoked in the house when they were here and the place reeks of smoke now. Cigarette butts and ashes were left in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They are also on the patio, driveway, and lawn. When you spend money on carpet, one of the great things is having that ‘new carpet smell’ in the house. There is certainly none of that here, just smoke that I’m going to have to fumigate from the house.

In addition to the cigarette butts, they did not clean up after themselves. There are tons of carpet shavings and vinyl trimmings all over the house. Of course trash was left behind, too, in addition to the cigarette butts.

I did not ask the owner for any sort of refund or discount, but I did ask that they send someone out to clean up the messes they left behind. He said that he was going to have someone do that, and that did not happen. No further response from the owner.

I had just used Lowe’s for a similar size home a couple of months ago and the prices at this place were only marginally better, certainly not worth the headache. I am going to go back to Lowe’s for the flooring in my home renovations from now on, and would recommend that everyone stay away from this place.

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