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Horizon Carpet Cleaning
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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company is a scam. They were 3 hours late. When the guy got here he basically texted on his phone the entire time. He supposedly were going to clean my carpets however there was no change except my carpet is soaked in water. I have taken towels to dry the carpet and rung water out of the towel. The add that I have states that the carpet will be cleaned with steam and "Josh" sprayed water out of my sink on the water. I wished I had seen this report prior to using this company. Called owner to complain about the service techs behaviour and tried to explain how rude the tech was by yelling at me like I was ignorant. To only listen to the so called guy name "Joe" do just the same. He continously refused to give me his address or answer my questions if they were licsend and / or bonded.

I am now three hours out after the carpet was supposedly cleaned having to go get a hotel room because the carpet is so wet that is sloshes when you walk on it. I am warning anyone and everyone that I know about this company.

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