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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Do not use this company. One of the employees Tamara has even taken the time to write a horrible review for this company. They came to the home we were caring for WITHOUT the prior verbal consent, a phone call or any type of advanced notice! On the 3rd week of living in this home, my youngest daughter called me scared that someone had entered into the home. It was Barbara Hamblem from Hometenders. She told my daughter that she was their to do an inspection not to worry and to go back into my room. Upon my arrival home, I was missing shell frames that I purchased from a store in the Biltmore and purses. Naturally, I contacted their offices immediately! They told me at the office that she wasn't in. Later I would learn (from an employee that works at HomeTenders) that she told her to tell me she wasn't in. I drove to the offices immediately thereafter and Barbara naturally denied any stealing. She knows what she did and it's horrible! The entire family is this way and as an employee told us, they are going down quickly and will soon be out of business. All these people have horrible criminal records. Currently, there is a "class action lawsuit". After looking at these peoples criminal history, I'm disappointed I didn't check them out sooner. We should have known better. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The owners and their daughter are in this business to prey amongst people by entering into their homes without their consent and stealing from them. Do not use these types of businesses. They are all the same.

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November 17, 2014, Cheers2014
If you are considering using there services, I would HIGHLY recommend you DON'T!!! These people are extremely unprofessional and unethical. We joined the program in September 2014, they moved us into a property that they previously had knowledge that there was a pending contract on and with-held that information from us. This was a breach of there contract and is unethical. When we found out shortly after moving in, we asked them why did they move us into a property that already had a contract on it and would be sold within 30 days. They denied even knowing. They just wanted to make a quick buck. We got proof from the relator that they did know prior to us joining the program and they still denied it. Instead they left numerous voicemails screaming at us to" get out of the program" because they knew they were at fault. The house also had a problem with a broken irrigation system that costed us a $700.00 water bill for 35 days. Hometenders of America refused to try and compensate us for those costs even though it was not our faults. Having little time to find a new place, we decided to give the program one more shot. Now we are on our second property and still having continues problems with these people who continue to be dishonest and down right nasty. We are currently trying to get out of the program.

If this tells you anything our last months rent we had to pay to a lawyer over a case Hometenders of America Lost!!

Save yourself the headache and hassle and do NOT use these people. They have a competitor Show Homes, I would assume they are way more professional.

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