homedepot/westernhills store Installation department/ doors blackmail you into paying a ridiculus fee to remove your existing doors ,double charging, - homedepot/westernhills store

homedepot/westernhills store
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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Homedepot charges $199.00 install fee for each entry door. If your door tested positive for lead they charge you an additional $150.00 per door just to remove the old door. This charge is in addition to the $199.00 charge, making it a total of $359.00 to have a door installed. They do not give you the option of removing the old door yourself which is what my complaint is all about. In my case I did remove my doors and avoided the extra $300.00 charge. After doing so I recieved a follow up call from Homedepot at which time I was told that their installer informed them that they would not longer allow that to happen. That you have to pay the extra $150.00 per door. If a person is going to keep their old door or dispose of it theirselves this charge should not apply to them. If a person chooses to pay the charge that is ok but you should not be forced into the extra charge. The consumer should be given that option at the time their contract is signed. If your door does not test positive for lead you only pay the $199.00 for the removal of the old door which includes the installation of the new door. Thats $199.00 total not a ripoff of $359.00 that they are currently charging. Howard cincinnati,ohio

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