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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Holmes Motors are a bunch of money hungry people. They are the only car lot that I know that are advertising "NO JOB? NO PROBLEM?" I have never heard of anything like that before in my whole life!!! Who gives you a car, if you dont have a job? How are you suppose to pay a car note if you dont have a job??? They are false advertising.... $1400 down and $325 a month but they are not telling you that you have to make a payment every two weeks. Oh yea, let me not forget about the extra car payment that "some people" have to pay if there is a 5th Sunday in the month!!!! You got to be kidding me? How is that? If there is a 5th week in the month, how does that fit into every two weeks??? It's 2,4,6, not 2,4,5!!! On top of that they came and reposessed my car on my 5th grace day. The day wasnt even over with and he told me when i got there that he was following me. i consider that stalking because i had just pulled out of my yard and was on my way to an relative house when he jumped in my car like some type of "thug" trying to commit a crime. I have never been late on any of my car payments. I pay my car payment the same time each month which is most likely the last working day of the month because thats how I'm paid. Once a month pay. They have no type of heart. I tried to reason with them because they charged me $500 + my car payment and it was the holidays, but he told me that wasnt "his problem." I couldnt do nothing but look him in his face and cry. Im a single mother of 3, working a state job that only get paid once a month. It's the holidays, 2 of my kids have a birthday coming up the same month, on top of Christmas, and I still have rent to pay!!! And all he could say was that it wasnt "his problem". I even ask if i could break the reposession fee up into installments and my answer was still NO. WOW!!!!!

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