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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My experience is identical to others. I needed to quickly do research for work. I signed up for the free trial to access the article, a yearly review that our local paper does on compensation. They do it nearly every year and I wanted to research back several years. Despite the fact that the same reporters do the story, I only found one. The service was disappointing to say the least. The week passed (during which I was sick with food poisoning) and did not get to cancel until 4 days after it expired. The young man quickly cancelled my account and said there would not receive any further bills. I hung up the phone and thought, "that was too easy." I also wondered why their common customer support questions all had something to do with canceling the account. The next month, I saw my credit statement for $213. I called and was told they had canceled my account, though I was free to continue to use it for the next year since I already paid for it. I said I would be willing to have them pro-rate me a month for not canceling on time, but the entire year was ridiculous. Since I was getting nowhere, I called American Express. They launched an investigation but it appears they got the same answer.

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