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Here's To Living
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

First of all this company gave me a faulty trial product first go-round. Then, when they were confirming delivery of the product they asked if I'd like to be signed up for automatic billing and I said "No, do not sign me up for anything, I will try the product and if I like it I will continue to order it." Never did they tell me that automatic billing was not an option. They billed me for $99.67 and I called them and told them I had said not to automatically bill me and the product they sent me did not even work right. They said they would send me another free of charge. Within a week or two I called back and said that the product works, but just makes me want an actual cigarette, there is no feeling of actual nicotine. I told them I wanted a full refund and to return the product. It was at this time that they told me they had another charge about to go through my account for $69 something dollars, I told them to immediately cancel it and close the account. They did. Then they told me that when I sent the product back I would get a refund. I had a delivery confirmation that said it was delivered on November 8, 2010. I called within a week and they said they were processing a refund. I called within two weeks they said there was an error with their bank. Finally I asked for their corporate number, they have no access to their corporate so I talked to a supervisor. The supervisor sweet-talked me and told me she was going to immediately send the billing department an order to write me a check and I would get a confirmation of the check issue by e-mail. No E-mail. No call back. I called again and spoke to a much ruder lady that said she would once again send the order. Apparently she did nothing because I called again and a guy said that he would send the order and I should get a call today, December 2, 2010 confirming delivery of a check. No word or e-mail still. I'm about to sue this company and I want everyone to share their complaints and spread the word about this stupid, incompetent, disorganized company. Post on as many consumer complaint sites as possible!!!!!!!!

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