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December 18, 2011, Anonymous
United States

In April 2011, I sent a deposit to purchase a kitten from Heather Kerns. She told me that I was 4th in line to select a kitten from two litters. Months went by and I did not hear from her. Since I am hearing impaired, I must rely on email. After several emails to her, she finally responded and informed me that I can have the 4th kitten from the first litter because all of the rest have been sold. I did not want that kitten. She also indicated she had emailed me when the litter was born. I emailed her back that I never received the email and could she resend it. She would not. She told me she would notify me when the next litter was born. Again months went by, no email from Heather. I emailed her and again, she claimed she emailed me and told me about the litter. I asked for a copy and again she did not send it. In the meantime, I did purchase another ragdoll because I was waiting forever and she was just refusing to communicate with me in a timely manner. Several months have evolved and again, I had to email her. She finally responds that she sent me an email that I would have the pick of a litter in January. Again, I did not receive it so asked her to resend it. Again she did not send it. There have been nasty emails from Heather that I can produce to anyone who wants to read them. Now, she is refusing to sell me a kitten and refusing to return my deposit. She is saying because I bought another kitten, I defaulted on the contract. Interestingly enough, she changed her website to agree with her statement AFTER she sent me the email. Now she wants to report me to the police. She won't communicate with me in a sensible manner, she won't sell me a kitten and she won't return my deposit. She also claims I gave her a virus/spam in September, which I did not. I recommended to her that she find out who did it and have them prosecuted but she insists it was me. Heather Kerns is difficult, changes her website to agree with the nonsense she emails me, refuses to return my deposit and refuses to sell me a kitten. Is this a responsible breeder? Please let me know if anyone else has had trouble with her. I am at wits end.

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May 7, 2019, cathy98
This post was back in 2011 and yes we did resolved this I should have never wrote this and I am sorry, Heather asked me to write in as this is still causing problems with her cattery, I did write this below to another email but forgot to post it here.
Heather Kerns and I have come to agree that all of this has been a huge misunderstanding. With email the way it is, it is not a wonder more problems arise. First, I would like to state that I made a typographical error in the report. I was 5th on the waiting list as of April, not 4th. It is not Heather's fault that I cannot hear. She told me had she known about my hearing earlier, she would have done things differently. I believe she truly works hard and did not intend for any of this to happen. If I could have just picked up the phone and talked to her, we would have had alot less difficulty. Heather did offer me a discounted kitten and on the 18th she offered to refund some of my deposit. I truly apologize to Heather for posting this report before we were able to come to an agreement. From reading some of her other customers rebuttals, I see that she has provided excellent customer service to her clients. God Bless You Heather and I pray for your future success.
February 17, 2019, heather74
This was written back in 2011 and was taken care of, its completely false twisted information on my cattery, this matter was a misunderstanding on the buyers part and should not be here, this woman backed out of the sale on her kitten and expected me to refund her deposit, she then said she wanted to wait for another kitten and rushed the sale when I told her she needed to wait for an available kitten, this needs to be removed.

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