Heather Gouldart & Buffy Campbell Ams Painting not bonded not insured stolen horse trader stolen dog dealer stolen furnace dealer L&I most wanted Bre -

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November 13, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Kiro 7 News Seattle aired the story of the two cons Heather Goulardt adn her mother Buffy Campbell- posing as house painters taking deposits not doing the work. www.kirotv.com/news/news/unlicensed-contractor-draws-attention-of-li/nDRGn/ According to the State of Wa courts /dw.courts.wa.gov/index.cfm?fa=home.namelist. And the Wa state L & I website. https://fortress.wa.gov/lni/bbip/Result.aspx She owes the state lots of unpaid fines- $22,000. that could pay down some state debt (shame ) They use the phone numers ( so you can google the evil scum) 360-990-0096 206-371-6634 - 360-286-3967- 206-854-7752 They are working out of Port Townsed. They have ads on Craigslist for horses, dogs, weathertron heat pumps, firewood and anything else they can steal . If they appear near you claiming to be a Horse Rescue (thier mo) they are not. They are con artists in every way. Lock your doors. Do not give them a deposit to paint, powerwash, landscape. Do not buy an animal from them, you only fuel the fire for them to steal more and sell them. It looks like they are now selling peoples land in Bremerton -look out.

Complaint comments:

August 5, 2018, Gotscamed
Buffy Campbell / Jade strahan new phone numbers and scam 504 875 6790 .
August 5, 2018, Gotscamed
Buffy Campbell is now going under the name Jade strahan in new orleans la running a company named hulk demolition . Her daughter is going under the name heather wild / tempest , they are running the same scams
March 18, 2015, IvyRules
Buffy Marie Campbell and Steven Kenneth Louis actually moved to Camdenton, Missouri in 2015. They run a new scam using the phone number (573) 836-1714
All they do is use people and brain wash you into doing what they want. If you see either one of them stay away and call the police before they brainwash you to. These people are the most ruthless, vile, people in the history of man kind. BEWARE..
October 28, 2014, Kerry
After fleeing Washington state, Buffy Marie Campbell aka Maria Paulson is currently running another construction fraud business called Curb Appeal Construction CCB 203543 at Portland Oregon.
You can find her by searching http://portland.craigslist.org/search/bbb?query=203543

Buffy Marie Campbell's new business phone number is (503) 583-9202

If you have no idea who she is, check out some of her many scams below:






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