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Wiley Alan
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November 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This is another person trying to rent a apartment and he is bogus.
Hello, Just saw your ad and would be disposed to renting from you. I was
born in and raised in the UK 26 yrs ago. I'm a matured,Vivacious, career
driven individual, I don't smoke and drink on very sparse occasions (probably
won't even consume up to 5 liters in year) which might be buoyed something
very special like a job promotion ormaybe a best friend's wedding
I am also not opinionated and will never condemn anyone for
their sexual, religious inclinations or what so ever primordial variables.
I think the day we perceive ourselves beyond such clouts, there would
be world peace and visceral love. I plan on staying for at least 3 years
minimum because my work contract is for two years and I will be working for
Cross Bow
Technology. So I should be able to sign a year contract if there
is need for it. Kindly respond as soon as you get this mail with
information on if I require to pay for first and/or last month rent and
any other detail you deem necessary
Have a spectacular day!

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