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March 20, 2017, JJStrybosch
Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

Steve Nicholson came to finish my floors. Seemed positive and friendly when quoting our job.
Ultimately not only did he fail to do a patch that was supposed to be done before staining, he applied stain over top of debris and drywall mud. In many places the finish scratches off with a thumb-nail.
The damage done far exceeds the price we paid as the only effective way to solve this is to grind off his finish to create a clean surface from which to start over again.
See Ontario Small claims court case SC-15-00000387-0000 in London Ontario.
We were able to get a settlement for $3000 which isn't close to our damages but we were not optimistic on collecting a larger amount.
Even then, it took him about 16 months to pay, which is why I am posting this so long after the event. Our settlement included a huge penalty and the right to also pursue the money from the proprietor personally had he not paid within the 16 months.

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August 15, 2017, Peter
Not right

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