harrison county humane society darla smith she raided my property and removed all of my animals charging me with animal cruelty cadiz, Ohio - harrison county humane

harrison county humane
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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On Aug 10th 2010 I was charged with animal cruelty,went to court and all charges were dropped against me for this. There was no animal cruelty Then on Aug 23,2010, The humane officer Darla Smith along with the police,news crews,and numerous other people raided my property and took all of my animals again charging me with animal cruelty. We went to court for this and Darla Smith testified that the animals were not thin,or in need of any medical care. She also admitted that they all had food,water,and shelter when they took them. When asked why she removed them she stated because she wanted to. My attorney Mattheuw Oberholtzer phone number 330-453-7874 has a copy of the court transcript for the court hearing. He has now filed a motion for the immediate return of all of my animals because we learned in the hearing from the humane officer that at least 2 of my dogs have died since they have been in the care of fosters. None of my animals have seen a vet since they have had them. I would like someone to investigate Harrison County for the illigal things they are doing. They seem to be making up the law as they go along. The judge is Judge Beetham the case number is crb-10-00413 the prosecutor is Michael Washington.

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