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October 30, 2018, Anon876565
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Someone said that after I told them about my Habitat for Humanity experience. I agreed to let Habitat use of my electricity and to store one trailer on my property while building three homes near my rental. I explained that I was advertising the property and May-September is the best time to sell or rent so I needed it to look nice for showings. I was assured there would be no mess. I am supportive of Habitat, having served on the Steering Committee to get it started in my community. I also served on several other Habitat committees and builds for years.

In June 2008 I went to the same representative who promised me there would be no mess, to vehemently inform her that many types of heavy equipment were brought through my yard, which I had not agreed to. They created deep ruts right up close to my house and all through the yard.

I have complained to anyone who would listen but no resolution so far. My choices left are to call a tv station problem solver type people, or get a lawyer to sue Habitat and the volunteer contractors who trashed my property.

Im happy three families will have a new start in life. I believe in volunteering and have been active in over 27 committees. Im also heartbroken that my property and I were treated with such disregard and disrespect. My hope is this will serve to get my yard restored or to get some good advice. I especially hope this will help future Habitat volunteers, commercial and individual, be more respectful of the neighbors.

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