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GVT Incorporated
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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Taylor Ward is a liar and a fake. "Global Vacation and Travel" is a fake company. Look up his record and understand why nobody should have trusted this felon to begin with. He will steal your information and credit card number and then his number became disconnected. I did find his new number and left several messages with no response. He attacks other people and attempts to place blame on them. It has been going on for YEARS Hirschkorn is NOT the first. If I had seen how dissheveled he I would have clearly seen that he is not right in the head. He cannot handle any degree of stress but enjoys providing it 4 everyone else.Dont let a pedophile near your kids.He will pretend the kids are his and he is a criminal who has had sexual issues since elementary school.

All these kids are his? He impregnated someone while in prison? Ashley London is NOT yourchild.Stop stalking Amanda. Stop stalking period. Keep stalking urself on here if u need to stalk someone. Nobody wants u and they definetly dont want u around their kids You WILL loose Madison you are a horrible excuse for a father and she should not have to grow up knowing you. What kind of a father does the things you do scamming lying stalking you are a horrible example and your daughter is in danger anywhere near you She will be taken into custody change your ways if you ever wish to see her you are a drug addict not a father or man

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