gscsc Richard Goddeau Scamed myself and my clients for $7,595 for promses of affiliate program,tradelines for businesses and also privacy numbers,this - gscsc

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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Richard Goddeau promised to deliver for the price of $7,595 tradelines in the amount of $10,000 through Capital One and $100,000 with Amex, he said his company was the guarantor for these lines and that my clients would receive the credit cards within
10days of applying, the cards were never delivered nor did Richard return any phone calls once the funds where wired from my Wachovia account to his First Niagara Bank,on feb 4, 2009,he also promised tradelines and privacy numbers for personal and business use, I tried in good faith to locate this man and found out he was not located in Nevada at all but in New York, I sent numerous certified letters that actually was signed for by someone at the Nevada address. I have saved every email communication and receipts for all transactions as well as I have requested a full refund from him. I recently emailed Richard and he responded back stating that he had got scammed by some third party companies. I pointed out to him the fact that he never disclosed to me of any third parties being involved in the transactions. I also contacted the new york attorney generals office. Richard if you are reading this please refund the money immediately,and please stop with all the excuses.....

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