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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
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Overall customer satisfaction on scale of 1-5 = 2. Final bill finally sent to customer on/about 10/27. Below is a short list of issues I have with Greystone Masonry (list is longer--if interested, please email):
Final project price adjustment justifications:
Final concrete square feet indicated on final bill incorrect: 990 sq. ft. Measured concrete patio and calculated area as 945 sq ft. Proposal showed approx 920 sq ft. Understand proposal was an estimate and an increase of 70 sq ft is not warranted. $450.00 decrease is justified ($10/sq ft X 45 sq ft). Including the sitting wall footing area in the 990 sq ft is not fair when the sitting wall price should include such required footing. It is shown on the final bill that the wall footing is included in the sitting wall amount. Completed project four weeks past projected completion date
Started: 29 Aug 10. Finished: 22 Oct 10 (8 weeks)
Took one week off before final completion after customer displayed dissatisfaction with project progression and workmanship
Stone Mason worked four to five hours/day during kitchen area, fireplace and sitting wall construction.Four stone pillar bases not built at correct height which added extra project time. Only concrete patio and fireplace was functional. Kitchen appliances were not functional (i.e., grill, sink and refrigerator) because countertop and final stonework was not complete, delaying the electrical tasks. Stonework/grout for raising pillar bases unsatisfactory. Grout does not match original base work. Stone is a different type/variety. Both discrepancies can be clearly seen. Holes in stone face as pointed out in earlier email (6-holes) filled with colored concrete which does not match stone face color. Incorrectly installed kitchen sink after having provided Greystone with the specifications on two different occasions and leaving the sink on the deck for their measurement.
Kitchen sink area developed crack in one corner. This is not a surface crack.
When constructing/building stone pillar, conduit track was not made for pergola lighting. Pointed this out more than once. This was done at a later date in which my wiring for kitchen area was cut. Greystone used my electrical wire as a wire pull to check conduit track in pillar. Added extra work and costs for me to install a junction box underneath deck in order to splice the electrical run to the home electrical panel. Additionally, negatively impacted the functionality of the kitchen area for birthday requirement.
Side and backyards were destroyed. Material pallets were placed on side yard for an extensive amount of time. Could have been placed on driveway. Since the project was overdue, the necessary time to aerate and reseed the backyard was not given. This creates undue work for the customer.
I would barely recommend them for a concrete patio (small job) but definitely not for any custom outdoor kitchen work. Be careful of quotes and final bill. Still owe a considerable amount and communication on above issues still open. Statement from Greystone indicated I should have brought the aforementioned issues up at the final walkthrough. Well, that occurred at 6pm, at dusk, with no warning from contractor. Did not have adequate time to prepare for such an event so took some time to let them know of our dissatisfaction. It was communicated to Greystone with emails and two phone calls of our dissatisfaction of project, especially with workmanship and project progression.


Bristow, VA

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