Greg Schlach Richard Schlach gave me the run around, took my money, and didn't send the Large version of an NBA jersey Franklin Square, New York - Greg Schlach

Greg Schlach
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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I bought an Andrew Bogut Milwaukee Bucks jersey from this seller. The size when I got it was too big so I returned this to him and opened a PayPal dispute, then it was escalated into a claim. Not Counterfeit Jerseys is the one jersey seller that doesn't answer questions with direct answers. They stall and act like they don't know what you're talking about. I got the run around from them after explaining multiple times I sent this jersey back to them and wanted the Large version. All they did was comment on my tone which was a little harsh but anyone would have been like that after waiting weeks and weeks for an answer.

I still don't have the right jersey size and now have lost almost $37 because PayPal denied my claim saying the listing was as described. I'm never purchasing from them again or selling to them for that matter. Negative feedback is going to be left soon.

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