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Greenland Financial Alliance
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I came acroos this company on line, since my credit is not that good I filled out the on line credit application and I recieved a phone call from a Mr. Gary Carter about a week later on a Friday October 22, 2010. He told me to fax a copy of my pay stub and my license in which I did.

Mr. Carter informed that due to my credit I would need to send in $750.00 by way of western union which was cost me $66.00. So I went to the western union and Mr Carter gave me the address of a private lender by the name of Eva Ford in North York Ontario Canada. He called me called me back and said that the money was recieved, and on Monday Octocber 25, 2010 my money would be in my checking account of $5000.00 plus $66.00 that I paid to western union.

On the morning of October the 25th I recieved a call from a Mr. Jason Walton he told me that there was proble that the lender needed addional $750.00 for insurance for the loan, at the time I told him I did not have that kind of money and I wanted a refund, He then told me that I could not get a refund until November 23, 2010.

Since I had a funny feeling about this I reported to the police in Washington, DC which was a joke I told the dispatcher what had happen and if they could check the building out to see if they were a company there, the dispatcher was to have a officer go by there and call me back, but they never did so I called them back and he told me the yep there the building there but I dault if the officer got out of his car to check to see if there was a office in there. It would be best if you drive here for yourself.

Well I have filed a report with Western Union, FTC,Federal ID Theft,National Fraud Information Center,,WWW.IC3.GOV, Commission of Finace.and I have filed a reprt with my local police dept. Now the funny thing is that no one can help us out on this cause the money went to Canada, but our telephone comapnay gives these scams phone numbers to do this stuff and no one can help. I wonder how many folks out there will get scam before congress puts a stop to these scams,

Well this company took the my money that I did have to buy xmas presents for my kids and grand kids.

I know we all have probelms in this world and I am sorry we all make mistakes in life and due to my credit history in the past this is what we get, I hope someone out there helps us out to get our money back and put a stop to these thefts.

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