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Great American Readers
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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company scams people into giving them a debit card number so that they can take out $49.90/month (WHICH THEY DON'T TELL YOU) but instead say that they will be sending you a "Gift Certificate" to shop online for $1000. They twist things around like saying that you're getting this because you're in the military, so on and so forth. They don't mention that you will have over $900 balance for some magazines that they never send you. And no, they don't send you any gift certificates either. The number they provide to cancel has no live person at it. It is a voice recording and there is no way to leave a message to complain or cancel, it just hangs up.
Once they realize there is no payment coming out (because people will file a claim with the bank on account of fraud), they call and that's when you can speak to a live person. They like to arrange "payment plans" and start bargaining with you!!! They absolutely refuse to cancel anything and say that you basically signed a contract. When asked if they are BBB accredited, they say yes. I've looked into it...THEY ARE NOT BBB accredited! They are rude, hang up on you, and bargain to get any type of payment. If you were contacted by this company, make sure you don't fall for this scam. If you are already having trouble, try these steps: * contact your bank - cancel payment and file a claim.
* file a police report
* report the fraud to BBB
Ok, ok, ok. I too was suckered...bad!!! I was called by Great American Readers at home on my cell phone one day and decided to indulge in conversation with the representative. He too was nice and made great conversation. In addition, he always made sure I was going to give him rave reviews to his supervisor. Long story short, I received the "gift certificate" in the mail today and was immediately thrown back. After visiting the website, I realized instantly that I was scammed. EVERYTHING on the site looked as though I could purchase it at Dollar General or the Dollar Tree! Luckily, I thought quick and phoned by bank to cancel my debit card and wiall definitely keep a close eye on my account. Please, please, please, please, please DO NOT except the terms from the fraudulent company! I called to cancel my subscription with them a few months ago and they REFUSED. I asked how that was even possible and a guy named Matt is cancelation and refunds couldnt tell me why. I've been dealing with them for 3 months now (since I canceled my card) Matt played a recording of me 'agreeing' to the terms. The woman said "i ask that you stay with us for the full terms and chose not to cancel' and because after she said that I said 'ok' they're saying thats me agreeing not to cancel. I said not one time was I ever told I COULDNT cancel. I only decided to cancel because I cant afford it anymore and honestly dont want to keep getting the magazines. I'm afraid if I continue not to pay they'll take me to court and I just want this over this and for them to stop harassing me.
And today I finally returned a phone call because I received a voicemail saying that they may have made a mistake with my account and to call back to get a full refund. Well when I called he said my account wasnt one of the ones that had a mistake. I asked why they called when they werent even sure if they'd made a mistake and he said they hadnt reviewed the tapes yet they were just letting me know they MAY have made a mistake. I asked what sense does that make? telling someone who might have made a mistake but werent sure and he couldnt give me an answer. I think it was a way of getting people who have stopped paying and refuse to continue to pay them to call them back.

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