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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

What happened to me is so wrong. I lost my job due to cutbacks. I accepted a lesser paying job at Goodwill to avoid drawing unemployment even though I was approved. I was so excited to start my new job. My new boss was a man and it started fairly quick. He would tell me I had a sexy body ask me out for a drink even though he was a married man. He started making comments he liked the size of my breasts. I needed my job, I was scared and didn't know how to handle the situation. I asked my district manager for a transfer not saying why. I finally received a transfer, 40 mile commute no additional pay but I took it. I was only at my new job about two weeks when a former employee called and said my old boss was now having sex with an underprivileged female employee. I was sick to my stomach because this girl was on many medications for depression and easily manipulated. After a night of restless non sleep, I called my district manager and told him the entire situation. I was sent to HR department to file a report. The events that followed are a nightmare. The man I filed charges against started calling my new boss. I was watched on camera constantly. They allowed this man to do my six month evaluation after I reported him. The evaluation was so bad I was denied my raise. I was written up repeatly and terminated within three weeks after my HR report. I have been denied unemployment. My credit cards have gone into collections. I've sold all my jewelry and personal possessions. I have been fighting for my unemployment for months.
The treatment I'm receiving from the Board of Appeals is worst than the sexual harassment. I called last week and they hung up on me. The way these situations are handled is wrong. Women who stand up and speak are abused by the system. I have filed with EEOC but am told that could take months. I need my unemployment to get back on my feet and try to recover from a situation that is not my fault. If laws are passed against sexual harassment in the workplace but the system is not capable of giving a victim support or understanding the law. What good is the law?

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