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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Just learned today that using the GolfLogix/golfgps rangefinder on your smart phone uses up a significant amount of your phone plan's data allotment. Downloading two courses for two days of golf can exceed 150 megabites. If you're on a limited plan, using the software will lead to overcharges or force you to buy into a larger data plan. For many, that may upset the cost/benefit relationship. GolfLogix response? - while we don't tell you that, it's your problem because you should have asked! So, after buying the annual software service and learning the hard way, the consumer gets stuck. In my situation, one of the main reasons for buying a smartphone was to use the rangefinder. No longer makes sense after spending $40 for the software to have to spend an extra $15 per month for the extra data plan just to be able to use it. I'd call that a Ripoff and am upset that the company is so uncaring and unresponsive.

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