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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On 8/22/2008 I signed a 1yr contract for 27.06 mth.With Gold's Gym, and on 11/5/2008 my husband also signed a 1yr contract Agreement @27.06 mth. I was attending Vernon College at the time. Around Nov. of 2009 my husband and I found extra charges on our accounts, so we went to summer at Gold's Gym and got our money back, they gave us a check. Anyways the next month we were charged again, this time the amount increased to 29.29each so we went up their again in Dec 2009. Summer said we had to give them a 30 day notice and she gave us a form to fill out. We filled the form out and returned it in the in the beginning of Jan.2010 to summer. And we trusted it was finished, so months went on and in Oct.2010 when we moved I checked our account and notice they were still charging us every month and in return we had a lot of O.D fees. So I called summer and talked with her around the 18th of Oct and she said she would basically cancel it and she was sorry and she would call me back. Well here I am almost 3 weeks later and she still hasn't called me back to pay me back. As of today 11/3/2010 they owe us $702.22 that's counting O.D.fees. I have called summer about 7 times and I have left 5 messages. My husband has even tried calling to and no one is helping us. I also know they are doing this to a lot of people and I'm not the only one. Gold's gym is doing this around the US from what i can see online by the complaints. And I'm not going away, I'm going to show everyone what their doing. I also filed a complaint with BBB but since they didn't get an answer they closed my case. So next step is on its way.

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