gmac mortage stealing our house because of their mistake on purpose houston Texas - gmac mortage

gmac mortage
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

our house in houston tx is mortaged through GMAC mortage company! we are raising 3 grandchildren or at least trying! my husband is the only person who works in our house as i am disabled but do not get any money due to not enough points in a quater or what ever i worked over 32yrs and cant get any kind of assistance what so ever so we live on 1 income for 5 people! my husband got layed off his job in houston we were going to loose everything only living on 1300.00 a month unemployment! our house payment was 1000.00 so that gave us a whole 300.00 to pay other bills with there was no way! we did end up getting food stamps but was going to loose the house and our grandbabies would be on the street or taken away for being homeless! so GMAC mortage that our house is through

said we qualified for a emergency program where we only had to make half of our payment so we wouldnt loose the house! that was in 09 this is 11-10 now and GMAC mortage called us and said they want a baloon payment of $5200.00 or our house would go in foreclosure! we couldnt understand why this was happening so when my husband asked they said it was because we only made half house payments in 09 for 4or5 months! my husband explained to them that they told him we quailified for the emergency program they put us on and they said no one qualified you for that program so pay the $5200.00 or loose your house! so now because we cannot come up with $5200.00 which grows daily our house is to be sold 12-07-10 because of their lies! we need help if we dont have a house we will loose our grandbabies! i hate you GMAC mortage company you done this to us and thanks for the wonderful christmas present for our grandbabies! merry christmas kids you get to live on the streets have a wonderful yr from us at GMAC mortage company

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