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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My vehicle got stolen in 2009 in San Diego Ca. on the 28th day i was called an informed that the vehicle was found in Mexico an there would be an investigaton. After the investigation the finial words that was told to me that I have to pay my deductable of 500 dollars an I was still making payments to the car dealership only owling 1741. an some change. I was told the vehicle would be fixed. Six months of paying insurance while the vehicle stayed in there storage . I left town on my return the vechile was placed on the streets, not repaired ,windowns were down, spare tire none, seats cut up no air bags in front seats. This is a safety hazard , thats what it says in a book i was given at time of purchased the vehicle an the attorney said the same, but nothing got done, i had no rental vehicle, had to pay the bus or cab it or others. also, the back floors cut up. I have the pictures. I was ripped off for insurance money paid to them while i had no vehicle. And they send a check for 5148.93 to auto mall where i purchased vehicle with my name on it I never signed a two party check. Nor never seen this check. ripoff! Beverly-San Diego Ca

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