Garage Door Parts,LLC I ordered door spring on November 06, 2010. Filled out the eletronic check on there site for faste - Garage Door Parts,LLC

Garage Door Parts,LLC
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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered a door spring on line. Order #207090 on November 06, 2010. This company did not take any credit cards they only excepted checks or money orders. On there site they had electronic checking you could fill out for faster delivery then mail your check that way they wouldn't have to wait for your check then wait for it to clear. So on November 08, 2010 I mailed a check for $45.45 I sent an email on November 13 asking were my order was with no answer back. On November 15 I tried to call the telephone number that they had on there web page but know one answers and voice mail is always full. So on the 15th at 10:57pm I sent five of the same emails in a row asking were my order was. Finally at 12:03 am I got an email back form them stating that they never received any email from me asking were my order was. The only email they received was the one I sent back to back which is frowned upon and will not get you positive results. On November 16th at 1:37pm I got an email from some one named Rich stating my spring will be shipped out this afternoon or in the morning at the latest. Went to my bank November 19,2010 to see if the check cleared and it did on the 16th. Still today I sent another email and I tried calling and nothing. Today is November 24, 2010 and im still waiting.

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