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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I went into contract with Fresh Start Financial Solutions, Inc. (also known as FSFS) on March 9, 2009 and have paid $21,263 to date for NOTHING! This fee included $3,000 to stop the trustee sale on the property in which I was residing at the time - The property was sold and I was evicted May 4, 2009. At this point FSFS was already in default of our contract. December 11, 2009, I lost the second house which I had moved into in May. After each forclosure, I was told that FSFS had fired the attorney that was handling my case due to their lack of performance. I was not permitted to contact the attorney at any time until the 17th month of our contract when a new attorney was finally assigned to my case. All the instructions I received during the forclosure proceeding was from my FSFS consultant, Kiwi Le-Compte. She would always clarify that she was relaying instructions from Art Lewis who had spoken with the attorney on my case at the time. I never received any official documentation from an attorney or FSFS till March 11, 2010.

The FSFS program is based on preditory lending practices. FSFS promised to get your mortgage erased as demonstrated by their flyer which states: "Your lender may have broken federal laws, laws enacted to protect you. Come to our FREE Seminar and discover how you may legally eliminate your mortgage and receive the deed to your home free and clear of your present lender! Regardless of your situation. If you are in foreclosure, pre-foreclosure or upside down in your loan there is help available to save your home! Even if the bank has already taken possession. Come find out about your rights and how you can regain your home and peace of mind. It may be the most valuable hour of your life!"

One of the reasons I decided to go with FSFS was their guarantee that the fees were refundable if the company was unable to deliver the properties to me mortgage free within 18 months. At 18 months, I requested a refund by certified return-receipt through the post office. Since my cancellation letter, I have heard nothing from Fresh Start Financial Services, Inc. nor the attorney with whom they had put my cases.

I have not received a letter of explaination, a letter of cancellation, a phone call, a refund - NOTHING!

They will not return my calls.

I have nearly 100 emails regarding our contract to support the promises that they made to me and the lack of their response when something was happening. I have at least 25 people that heard their guarantee at the same time that I did. I have a contract that states the guarantee and the items they were have accomplished for their fees, signed by Art Lewis.

They took money upfront and have done nothing. All I want at this point is to get my fees refunded.

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