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November 2, 2012, Anonymous
United States

FreedomPop offered a FREE device that allows you to access the internet as a wireless hotspot. The only thing they required was a $89 Security Deposit. I ordered the device called Photon. My understanding of a security deposit is that whenever you return the device, you get your money back. However, when reading reviews of the product, I noticed several people were having some confusion about the "security deposit".On FreedomPop site it says, it has two different answers. One says 30 days and the other says "unlimited". FreedomPop does not provide an address or phone number on their site. The only way to contact them is through their customer service message submittion. I asked customer service about the security deposit and they came back with a 3rd answer of "12 months". Due to these inconsistencies I decided to immediately return the Photon device so that I don't end up with not getting my money back. In processing the return, I was told that the process could take as much as 90 days! I then decided to dispute the credit card charge so that I am not denied a refund because the return was not processed in 30 days.
On top of the 90 days comment, I was also told that a re-stocking fee will be accessed if the package has been opened. A re-stocking fee on a security deposit? I returned the item and delivery confirmation showed that it was delivered on October 21, 2012. On October 31st, I am informed by customer service that the device still has not been received.
I sent them the link to the USPS tracking that showed the item was delivered on October 21st at 12:56 PM.
It was only after the credit card company contacted FreedomPop about the disputed charge that, suddenly, they acknowledged the device has been received. Then they sent me an email that the refund will be processed within 5-7 days. I am still waiting for the refund and am not sure if they deducted any "re-stocking fee" or not. From day 1, it seems FreedomPop has tried to scam people by taking the security deposit and making it quite difficult to get it back, while providing inconsistent answers and quoting outrageous charges like a re-stocking fee on a security deposit.

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