Fraud - Mary Parr of cheim & Read New York, Ny. , Sarah E. Dellolio Of Morgan Stanley

Mary Parr of cheim & Read New York, Ny. , Sarah E. Dellolio Of Morgan Stanley
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April 14, 2016, lawoffice
Monreal, Canada

1 year ago by 2sidestoeverystory

I know the whole story . The kids started trouble making way back. say 1996.. as far back as when the trashy "International carpet tile woman" (the one that looks like Lily Munster on crack) ...from the Valley L.A. Ca., swooned in on the father used him up, and moved on. Then the father meets a guy 29 years his jr. Wallah! The kids get crazy, jealous, & even crazier after the dad buys a house. 4 greed monger kids & their greed monger white trash spouses giving their father a hard way to go. Same old story. Everybody owes them! The Dad's Crooked Nephew always sticking his nose where it doesn't belongs, plays instigator. The Swedish Con Woman Daughter-in-law jumps in swinging, all the time forgetting the country she lives in doesn't belong to her! A real trash piece bimbo! For years, the daughter in Florida (The one with the fried white hair) puts the Dad on a guilt trip. She milks every cent she can get out of him. Buying a Corvette, white mercedes, a house in Jupiter, (she has since lost), & A Tribe of once or thrice? handcuffed in-laws, along with a sorryful Gigolo hubby. The other daughter is way out in la~la~land since she moved out of her Mother's Kentucky cow pasture, got somewhat educated, & moved to N.Y.C.
Then suddenly 2008 arrives. Daddy and the Greedy Nephew have most of their assets in National City Stock. BOING! How hilarius! No more stock! NO More Dividends! All the little childrens orchestrating, planning, scheming, paying crooked attorneys to try and break their very much so alive Daddy's will? Seems like such a waste of time. It's really entertaining that the kids really thought they would cash in, & now there isn't a penny coming to them. Boo! Hoo! So the story make a long story short, the kids, ex wife (trouble maker), & her dead little Warlock Boyfriend) pulled every despicable stunt there was to pull. Many illegal I might ad. The little children did succeed in breaking up their dad's relationship, but not for long.The Father now legally married for two years to the kind hearted, caretaking, loyal younger man. The couple stay away from all of the troublemakers, and are busy bulding a new home in another state. Kids too selfish to think of the hurt they have bestowed upon their 82 year old dad. Such a shame, but he is very happy. Guess it's true ...What goes around comes around! You can't always get what you want! :)

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September 26, 2018, Spartacus
She needs to be investigated, she is doing some illegal stuff in her office at Morgan Stanley, FL!

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