Fraud - Mark Castellucci mrc recycled rubber products

Mark Castellucci mrc recycled rubber products
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March 3, 2015, TDenton
Sonoma, California, United States

According to an indictment, the company allegedly defrauded private investors who loaned money to him.

However, Mark Castellucci allegedly misled investors by lying about how much debt was already secured by the company, falsely promising to record deeds that would have secured investors' interests in the assets, telling others to impersonate lenders or title company officers in phone calls and forging letters purportedly written by lenders and company officers.

Complaint comments:

December 22, 2015, jimdenton
Mark Castellucci scammed one of my neighbors several years back. She was in her 80's and Castellucci took an advance payment from her to remodel her home on 8th street. Castellucci never did the work and had to be eventually sued into bankruptcy. He had to leave Sonoma due to his severally tainted business dealings.

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