Flycell flycell poses as other links to capture phone number Internet - Flycell

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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

As I was searching for employment over the Internet I came upon a request for phone number to continue searching the local area for jobs. Within 1 day I received a text saying flycell had taken 9.98 from my minute phone for some type of text comments, and to stop this simply reply stop. They managed to take money from me 2 more times and my replies did nothing. After researching them I found hundreds of people getting ripped off. Why do the search engines like Yahoo and Google allow these scam artists to continue? Who is willing to sue over 20 dollars? This company FLYCELL is nickle and diming billions from around the world and should be made an example out of. I just switched to a new phone number, but for those on contract phones I'm sure it's not so easy. Beware of the URL in your search box and be on the look out for posers.

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