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Fidelity National Title
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November 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE from it's CEo down, Wm. P Foley II run a corrupt enterprise .On an earlier post on scam report I filed a report that ASTORIA FEDERAL S and L and their CEO George L. Engelke Jr. STOLE MY TWO NYC CONDOS. ( see report)

In Sept 2008 I went BACK to NY Supreme filed a motion to reopen the case to mark vacated two void judgments ab initio for lack of court Jurisdiction. At that time, Astoria Federal had gotten rin of their corrupt debt collector attorneys Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn and Astoria Federal's new Attorney stated in Court -It's indemnify, Indemnify, Indemnify - we are stepping aside and the Title companies are stepping in. At the second hearing corrupt attorney Thomas Malone . for Fidelity National Title and corrupt attorney David K Fiveson representing a "Coronet Title" did not want to be indemnify but wanted to be intervenors instead and be heard. And what they told the court is time makes a forged deed good. A FORGED DEED CONVEYS NO TITLE At that second hearing the title attorney told corrupt Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme they have "equity" and Judge Schlesinger said to me "it doesn't look good for you " and ruled against the LAW.

Judge Schlesinger in her Dec 2008 said "the judgments might not have been enforcable immediately"... and then weaves a tale of hokus pokus how invalid judgments become valid. A JUDGMENT IS EITHER VALID OR INVALID.

I wrote a simple letter to Mr. Wm P Foley Jr. Ceo of Fidelity National Title "what went wrong that Thomas Malone finds himself in NY Supreme fighting for a forged deed? The response was "it is proper to fight under the circumstances." (The circumstances were they insured a forged deed) I would have been back in my two properties if the crooks at Fidelity National Title ran an honest business. They don't.

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