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March 12, 2013, Lorenzo
Tracy, California, United States

In November of 2012 one of the owners of strippers4fun.com strippers4u.com pleasurestrippers.com americanhotbodies.com stripverify.com hotcaliforniastrippers.com stripreport.com said to another agency owner that he was having a terrible time and could barley make ends meet. He stated that if things kept going in the direction they were going in that he and his wife who would have to move in with her parents in another State. He complained about there being to much competition and to many agencies in California. He said he had something big coming that would knock everyone out and ruin their business. Now this wasn't his first time he tried to cause problems in the industry. He had on many occasions in the past posted false reviews online trying to make it look like it was coming from another agency. He had called agencies saying lies about other agents, making appear that the other agency had it out for them. Things like they saying that they sent them an email trying to bring down the other agency and saying that they were trying to cost them money on their ad campaigns. He called around and try to pit people against each other so that they would attack each other. He has been a negative and dishonest person in this industry and his latest stunt the

is a desperate attempt to control the California stripping industry.

WHAT IS THE STRIPREPORT.COM The website stripreport.com is a fake review website set up to look like it focuses on strip clubs in California (soon to go nation wide as part of the cover up) and review exotic entertainment agencies as a secondary thing. However this could not be further than the truth. The strip clubs are on the stripreport.com to make it look more real and authentic. He had to write good reviews on someone besides his agencies. The primary focus is to bash other agencies and fool his potential customers into thinking that his agencies are good.This website was created by the owner of an exotic entertainment agency that operates under a couple different domain names (that will most likely change once the word gets out) they are strippers4fun.com strippers4u.com pleasurestrippers.com americanhotbodies.com stripverify.com hotcaliforniastrippers.com stripreport.com

Well the owner of the websites listed above is desperate and has bad intentions of hurting the business of his competitors in order to make his agencies look better. He wants to scar future customers away from other agencies and trick them into using one of his agencies in order to get business.

By creating www.stripreport.com this agent hoped to target his main competitors by writing things about them such as reviews and lies saying that they were not licensed and do not do back round checks. They gave them poor grades while either not reviewing other agencies and or not writing bad things about them with the hope that they other agencies would smile and enjoy watching their competitors get attacked by the

stripreport.com. He counted on this master plan working in order to target the companies that he hated the most and saw as the biggest threat to him. What he didn't count on is the agencies standing together and saying NO I don't care if you didn't write bad things about my company or not. You have no right to try to control this industry and target other agencies. Some agencies that did not even have a bad grade called the owner of strippers4fun.com / strippers4u.com and sent upset emails asking to be removed from stripreport.com because they did not want any part of this unethical website and when they did all the sudden there was negative things written about them on the stripreport.com. One of the agency's had not been graded on the report and had nothing bad written about them called and demanded to be removed. All of the sudden they had an A grade on the stripreport.com. Clearly strippers4fun.com / strippers4u.com owner thought this would bring them on bored with his big grand old plan to trash who he wanted and leave alone who he thought was not a threat at the time. So that same agency called strippers4fun.com and strippers4u.com and said I don't want your A rating, I don't want any part of your fraudulent website nor do I want my agency connected to it and the next thing you know the A rating was gone and bad stuff was posted about this agency. Isn't that BLACKMAIL!! This guy is really trying to say if you mind your own business I will leave your company alone but if you don't I will slander you and your agency also. Again he was counting on the fact that all agency owner were evil and spineless like him and that they would relish in the joys of watching their competitors get bullied and dragged through the mud.

The owner of strippers4fun.com strippers4u.com pleasurestrippers.com americanhotbodies.com stripverify.com hotcaliforniastrippers.com stripreport.com did NOT count on the fact that all though they are competing in the same industry the other agencies owners were not evil, hateful, mean spirited, malicious, desperate and vengeful people. He did not count on the fact that the other agency owner saw this a negative to the industry and deceitful to future customers. He did not count on the fact that everyone would NOT jump on his hate bandwagon even if he gave them good reviews or left them alone. I guess he thought all the other agency owners were stupid. Oh wait he did. That's another thing he said to the other exotic entertainment agency owner before he posted stripreport.com. He said the agency owner were stupid and would not know how to deal with this problem and that he hoped to piss them off enough so that they would threaten him and they would get in trouble. He also said that the customers were dumb and believe what ever is written on the internet. So they would fall for the stripreport.com Well I hope that the customers find this review and many of the other out there about this agency owner and all his websites. I hope that they ask them self what kind of a person do you have to be business and otherwise to bring together every competitor in the same industry. You know what they say desperate people do desperate things.

Stripreport.com is a fake and false website because it is owned and operated by an exotic entertainment agency owner posing as a real review site. The problem is that if you post positive reviews on one of his competitors who he feels is a threat, doesn't like or is targeting he will never post it. Or if you post a bad review on his websites they to will not stay on the stripreport.com. He has full control over why ever potential customer thinks about every agency. He can sway people away from who he wants when he wants and he can push people in his direction. He try's really hard to make it look like it's a true fair and ethical website. However it's a joke. He claims they are getting threatened by other agencies and yes of course people are upset about being put on this fraud website www.stripreport.com. If you worked hard to build a good name for your company and someone in your industry tried to come along and ruin all your hard work and good reputation by posting false information wouldn't you be upset too. If someone out of desperation, fear and jealousy tried to ruin your industry and business by scaring future customers away you would not sit back and let it happen.

The bottom line is that customers need to know what ever other agency owner in the state of California knows. That the stripreport.com is a fake website and that the owners of strippers4fun.com strippers4u.com pleasurestrippers.com americanhotbodies.com stripverify.com hotcaliforniastrippers.com stripreport.com s are the people behind it. They are not truthful or honest in anyway.

I want to take a minute to say how proud and impressed by the owner of all the other exotic entertainment agencies in California that came together to take a stand against this BULLY. I'm glad everyone could see what his true intentions were and how bad it looks on our industry. I'm glad that there are good honest ethical people running these businesses and that not everyone is a spineless human being like the owner of stripreport.com and his other websites. I'm glad that we can stand together to fight someone who thought we were all dumb and would turn on each other for personal gain. I'm glad the lies he told different agencies about one another to cause a divide did not wok. I'm glad they we are not and will not let this poor excuse of a business owner / man push us around. That being said thank you to all the other agencies for proving that we have a good industry with friendly compittion and that we don't have to bad mouth, lie and try to hurt each other for personal gain. I will never trust, believe, be alias, recommend, or work with this agency again. I hope that everyone remembers this and does the same. This man is plotter and a schemer. This is not his first attack on his competition and won't be his last. We have to stay together for the better of our industry and our businesses. I am in aww of the amazing people who have shown their true colors to me through this stripreport.com debacle.

As I stated above this is not the end of the drama because this idiot is to dumb to end the negativity and move in a positive direction. No he will continue to sit in his home behind his computer and dream up more lies and scams. How do I know well let's list some of his attemps to hurt people businesses and lies.

His bank account was shut down because someone tried to deposit counterfeit money. He had a heart attack. He has a skin diesis. An immediate family member has cancer An immediate family member has lupus. He was sued for having someones picture on his website without their permission. He was sued by a customer for getting hurt at a party that was set up by a dancer who was dating the customer. Things he has done in the past to try and hurt other agencies business. Run a paid ad campaign bashing a competitors website. Post false reviews all over the internet about other agencies posing as customers. Lie to other agencies saying that other agencies called them and was trying to get him to team up with them to go after their business. Make a fake website called stripverify.com and put a shield on their website trying to make it look like they have some kind of stripper approval in the industry that only they have. Put a link on their website posting negative things about their competitors in order to discredit them and make them self look better. Post fake rate and bogus deals only to get the customers business only to jack up the price when the dancers got there or not send to and charge full price for one. Now the stripreport.com his master plan to bring everyone down or at least pick and choose who he wants to hurt.


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