Fake Listing / Police Complaint - Ace Microsystems

Ace Microsystems
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March 7, 2013, tech200586
New Delhi, India


This is Ramesh Thappar, the CEO of Ace Microsystems.
The review that has been added is baseless, more over, the details of the person who posted this is not available as it was posted as Anonymous.

There is no Prashant Verma or Marc Steele is this firm, however, this is spoiling my reputation in the market.

This has been deliberately done by our competitors.

I request to to delete this review with immediate effect or we will be forced to adopt a legal course.

A better understanding of the matter will be highly appreciated.

Link: http://www.scamtop.com/item/ace-microsystems-prashant-verma-marc-steele-gurucom-scammer-thief-website-web-design-web-development-password-thief-stolen-passwords-intern-i1462292.html

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