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Factory Direct Stamps
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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered a rubber check endorsement stamp from this company for my business. They charged my purchase on November 1, 2010.

Although thier website states FAST SHIPPING and my order would be recieved within 5 days, it has been over 2 weeks and still no product. When you try to call the 800 number it is always an answering machine and they do not return your call. When you send an e-mail, they do not reply.

Thier website also states they have been in business for 60+ years and according to the BBB, they started May 1, 2006. Since then, they have had 74 filed complaints with the BBB. Factory Direct Stamps is not listed with the BBB, the only way to find it was an address search and that belongs to Monarch Media Group. BBB said they do business under many names.

This is very concerning to me because they have my checking account number for printing the endorsement stamp. Obviously they are not a reputable company and thier website is VERY misleading to the consumer. I will also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as advised by the BBB.

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