Extortionist Greenspan - Neil S Greenspan case western reserve University

Neil S Greenspan case western reserve University
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March 2, 2019, hozuvofu
United States

I am a victim of PLAIN SITE. I called the Dr. Neil S Greenspan to get things straight he said I had to pay him $8000 to have my personal information removed. I said fu and would not pay a dime in extortion money and I told him that what he was doing is a crime. Seem he is still out to try and intimidate me from telling the straight story.

He has posted more personal information about me and all my relatives online in the hope that I won't continue to tell the world that he is an extortionist. The owner of plainsiteorg retailiate and harrass me for telling the truth about his scam.

He publishes false nonesense and threats and intimidation on his website to try to keep people like me from exposing his crimes. It won't work, and I look forward to watching and commenting freely as this racket implodes.

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