Extortionist Aaron Greenspan - Aaron Greenspan 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: +1 415 670 9350 Fax: +1 415 373 3959 E-Mail: greenspan@post.harvard

Aaron Greenspan 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: +1 415 670 9350 Fax: +1 415 373 3959 E-Mail: greenspan@post.harvard
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March 2, 2019, hozuvofu
United States

This is a warning to everyone above crazy psycho stalker Aaron Greenspan who Is has gay love for Tesla Elon Musk. Aaron Greenspan is con artist, thief, extortionist and sociopath!!!
Do not trust a word Aaron Greenspan and neil s greenspan says!!

Business owners beware.!!
Do not hire or invest money with this felon.
He will seem unassuming and charming and all the while – stealing money!!! He will ruin a company and its reputation.

His goal is to shame you on Plainsite.org into giving him money!!
He has a violent history and is dangerous. He is a vindictive criminal who preys on people he thinks “have money”.
The Think Computer Foundation is Fraud chairty.

Turing Investments LLC another scam of his. Very much like FaceCash.
2575 E Camelback Rd #870, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Parasitic Sociopaths like Aaron Greenspan @plainsite plainsite.org need a “host” for survival. Aaron Greenspan is on the lookout for strong, healthy hosts. When Aaron Greenspan finds a suitable host, he latch on, and he isn’t satisfied until he has sucked the life out of the person who has had the misfortune of becoming his target. For example – Elon Musk

Some sociopaths physically kill their targets. Others kill their psyches, financial health, self-esteem, reputation, ability to have another relationship, or their spirits.

Being without conscience and enjoying lying are two key elements of Aaron Greenspan sociopathic personality. These elements go hand in hand in that sociopaths’ lack of conscience means that they can lie without showing the normal markers of lying. That’s how Arron Greenspan pulls people into believing his lies and get away with as much as he gets away with. Arron Greenspan is very practiced at lying that he responds to being caught in a lie by creating a new lie. It is very difficult to pin them down. Aaron Greenspan lies tend to be complex and detailed.

Aaron Greenspan has never held an honest job in his life. Aaron Greenspan failed stanford code x and was kicked out. Aaron Greenspan is an accomplished extortionist and makes a career harassing people for money and filing frivolous law suits to provide him with income. He is a pathological liar and he harassing people with vulgar and disgusting emails and social media filled with untrue statements to extort his target with his website http://www.plainsite.org and Think Computer Foundation. DR. Neil S Greenspan of case western reserve university groomed him into this Monster at the tender age of 4.

He drives a car with no insurance, suspended license and no registration. Aaron Greenspan uses alias names and addresses around the country. Aaron Greenspan always rents out a room and never has his own apartment or place.
Aaron Greenspan loves “pitting people” against each other and creating smear campaigns. Just like he has done with facebook. He acts without empathy when attacking so beware. Aaron Greenspan is a dangerous individual so beware if he crosses your path and thinks you have money he will target you to extort you.

If you see your name on plainsite.org you need to know that the webmaster Aaron Greenspan is racist and dumb. Aaron Greenspan is running a scam to to glean your information for her deceitful practice of naming everyone a cheater or illegal immigrant or thief.

Aaron Greenspan plainsite wants to ruin as many lifes as he possibly can. Aaron Greenspan takes your personal information so he cam name you on his site as a theif and turn you into every organization he can think of, to cause harm, embarrassment or harassment to you.
Aaron Greenspan gets his information from pacer records and sells the data. Such as the PlainSite :: Reality Check Facebook, Inc that he wrote with Christine Richard Orion Research LLC. @richardorionllc

Aaron Greenspan plainsite.org will call you about your pacer records and actd very sweet and nice making you think he could be your friend, offers to remove your name. Aaron Greenspan has cheated every person he has done business with, so be very careful.
Aaron Greenspan will ask a lot of questions, finding out where you live and relationships.

Aaron Greenspan uses the names of John Fuenchem and lives 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107 415 670-9350 @post.harvard.

Aaron Greenspan and Think computer foundation is out to destroy everything and will use whatever means he can think of. Aaron Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan and Judi keene Greenspan have no remorse, and no conscience about what they doing. Aaron Greenspan has even been sued and lied to the court, and harassed the court clerks until they run the other direction when they know he is on the phone.

Then Aaron Greenspan calls authorities requesting police reports and then you go up on plainsite.org in lights on his website does not matter whether or not you are.

Aaron Greenspan is a liar and truly makes this stuff up. Nothing you read on plainsite.org is “OFFICIAL” or has any kind of validity, behind it. She is no one that has any kind of authority, Aaron Greenspan is not a journalist or lawye as he claims. Aaron Greenspan is a seriously disturbed person on a witch hunt.
Think Computer Foundation is not a REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION. Aaron Greenspan has NO AUTHORITY what so ever to be doing what it is doing. The California State Attorney General is aware of her fraud, so is the Sec of State, the Governor and the FBI along with the local DA, and our congressman.

You will understand that Aaron Greenspan is not normal. Aaron Greenspan text is illiterate, disjointed, defamatory, contradictory, and http://www.plainsite.org does not make sense most of the time.

Aaron Greenspan is an extortionist, wanting money to remove those court documents from google search., but even those who have paid have not had their court dockets removed, plainsite just wants more money.

If you find your name listed on @plainsite.org it does not mean your bad person it only means he has had ruined your life.

If you find yourself in this position and do not know what to do, contact lawyers to point you in the right direction as there are several agencies working on this.

Don’t worry, authorities are aware how Aaron Greenspan is using http://www.plainsite.org involved with fraud, stalking and harassment. don’t be complacent about this and take it serious.
Aaron Greenspan is very slow so no point is arguing with it.

Aaron Greenspan
956 Carolina Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: +1 415 670 9350
Fax: +1 415 373 3959
E-Mail: greenspan@post.harvard

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