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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Anastasia Stevenson aka Stacey was the worst thing about my wedding. She is confrontational, unprofessional, inexperienced, and in the wrong line of work. She has the ability to tarnish your special day without remorse or accountability.

I was married September 4th, 2010 in Savannah. I started planning a year prior right after my engagement. I currently live in the Washington D.C. area but wanted a southern themed fall wedding in beautiful Savannah. Most of our interactions were over the phone and initially I was pleased. She (or her staff) provided me emails with wedding packages and was courteous over the phone.

After I settled on a package we decided to meet in Savannah at the reception venue. Stacey informed me that Amberley Stewart who was new to the company was going to work with me. I met with Amberley in October '09 to go over the initial details. Months later Stacey told me that she fired Amberley. She also extensively elaborated on how trashy Amberley was. She informed me that she wore jeans to ceremonies and smoked. She also mentioned that she took money from some of her clients. This was in July '10 when I was told this...only 2 months from my wedding. Not once did anyone inform me of the firing and the possibility of a possible discrepancy with my event.

Stacey appeared to be apologetic and enthusiastic about trying to make things right. She told me that she would be doing my event herself. Unfortunately that must not include any wedding coordinator duties. Whenever I would call or email her about the status of my venues she told me to call myself. The park security officer called me personally requesting information that she (or Amberley) was supposed to have given him months ago. He also asked me for money for his services after I had already paid Stacey in full months prior. Instead of her taking the initiative and calling him back she told me that I needed to do it. Her reasoning behind me calling everyone was that "It comes better from the bride."

I lost my mother in the end of July and I not only had to plan a funeral I had to plan my entire wedding myself. She informed less than a month before my ceremony that she wasn't doing my centerpieces for the reception (Even though it was included in the contract). I gave her specifications about my bouquets, and paid extra for calla lillies, however the arrangements were simple and the bridal party all had roses.

On the wedding day she came to the mansion that I rented for my family and bridal party to pick up the centerpieces. They were simple glass vases with orchids placed inside. I also had tea light candle holders made of glass that were still in their casing so they wouldn't break in transit. I had my entire centerpieces ready in boxes so that all she needed to do was add water to the vases and a floating candle. When she arrived one of my friends greeted her at the door. Stacey charged in the house yelling at the top of her lungs demanding that the centerpieces better be ready because she wasn't paid to put things together. When she saw the 20 glass tea light candleholders still in their packages she started wailing out in a disrespectful tone. By then I made it down the stairs where she decided to scream and point in my face. This all happened an hour before my ceremony. I still had my hair pinned and still had to take a shower. My 1 year old daughter started screaming and crying because she was so loud she had scared her.

The hardest thing I thought I was going to have to deal with on my wedding day was the fact that my mother wasn't there. At the point when Stacey was screaming at me I found controlling my temper to be the next hardest. I asked her what did she need to be done but she continued to yell. She then verbally and physically attacked a friend of mine who attempted to rectify the situation. She then ran into the street yelling out obscenities.

Because of her confrontation I was late to my wedding. I was also unable to take pictures with my bridal party before the wedding. She never showed up to the ceremony or reception. Her "back up" for the ceremony was an old guy in a t-shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers directing the bridal party. (Who I might add is in numerous wedding pictures.) A friend of mine had to direct the guests for the ceremony because of her absence.

She took my money and ran!!


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