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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Dear Ripoff,
I just recently been mad beneficiary of a Mrs. Becky Cheng, She was an aging widow with a long term illness. She made me beneficiary of $7,200,000,00 usd. We have been communication back and forth, unfortunantly Mrs. Cheng has passed away. Leaving me clueless. She has given me her lawyers contact iformation. I have spoken with him as well, he gave European Financial Diplomatic servies email address, so I can claim the Consignment. Mrs. Cheng sent me 2 documents " The Probate Letter" and also " The Letter Of Administrations" from the HMSC court house in London. It is verified that Iam the beneficiary of said claims. I have to pay for me to have my claim delievered to me. I believe this is a scam. I have to have $600 for a Mr. Paul Jakobs, to come to the united staes then I also have to pay him $350 when he arrives at the airport for clearing of the Claims. Please can you research this matter for me, if it turns out to be a scam I want to file a civil lawsuit, for adding more depression to my stress and for mental anguish, i was in the process of looking for a new job because I've been laid off recently. recieving that email from Mrs. Becky Cheng gave me hope that I wouldn't have another worry in the world. It has made me sick to my stomach I stay awake all night thinking about the situation. Can you help me please? Sincerely
Lamont H

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