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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have a 2010 Jetta that was in a passenger sideswipe accident rubbed car to car on the way to Vegas on October 1, 2010. I took it to EUROIMPORTS to have it repaired the week of October 11, 2010. That Saturday 10/16/2010 the insurance check arrived for approximately $2906.00 and I signed it over to Euro Imports. It was cashed by the ownerHessam Rahimian and stamped by Euro Imports. I was told my car would be ready Monday 10/18/2010 by the body shop employee Norm. The repair then turned into 10/20/2010 and changed repeatedly each time the due date arrived. At the end of last week I received an odd email from Norm regarding my car stating that it still had not been painted and the dent needed to be repaired. Thrown off by this email I became suspicious as my car's repairs were supposed to have been completed and just waiting to be painted. I called the 661-1111 number and left a message and sent several emails. On Sunday evening I wrote another email of my concerns and demanded to see my car so I could check the progress. Monday Morning I received this email: 11/16/2010 "I made a big mistake with your car i didn't finish yet I'm taking it to Scottsdale auto collision today Me and the owner of my shop are probly parting ways today. But im still im still getting your car to you the way i promised you can go to Scottsdale collision tomarrow morning and talk to Jim he will b handling it . Even if i half to give money for your trouble please dont cause any legal trouble for me .Ill give you the address as soon as i drop it there ok Please let me know u got this e mail" My car did not arrive at Scottsdale Collision on Monday nor were they aware of such situation till I brought it to their attention and had over 10 conversations via phone with Jim. Allstate as well had conversations as to the location of my car was unknown. The Allstate adjuster as well called the 661-1111 number and left a message. I never received another reply or more information. Tuesday morning, Scottsdale Collision was told my car would be arriving later that day. This never occurred. Later in the afternoon after conversations with Euro Imports body shop and Scottsdale Collision I was informed my car was in somebody's personal dwelling garage. A person not affiliated with any company. I began asking questions as to why my car was there? Why it had not been worked on? Why my car was kept all this time knowing I was without transportation? And a demand for my insurance check to be returned immediately and my car to be back to me by 9:30 am 11/17/2010. Well here we are November 17, 2010 and I receive a call around 9:40 a.m. that my car was at Scottsdale Collision. I was only a mile away so I arrived there to see my car. I was shocked! I dropped to my knees and cried because my brand new car that was needing the sideswipe accident repaired was NOW NEEDING REPAIR TO THE DRIVER SIDE as the employee of Euro Imports crashed my car. I waited for Jim from Scottsdale collision to come to my car so I could see the inside. I was shocked to see an additional 850 miles added to my car, a strong smoke stench, a cd book in the passenger door showing other people were in my car, and a hair band with gray long women strands all over it. My car had been destroyed, never repaired, and now requiring inside detail and damage repair to the driver side. I left the body shop my car was at after taking pictures and asking for an estimate, and I proceeded to Euro Imports to speak with the owner Hessam Rahimian. He was kind at first but then started to throw his power of "I'm a cop" at me as an intimidation technique. He assured me he would make things right and he was apologetic and admitted fault of his body shop employee. He proceeded to tell me that all of the actions that occurred are because of his employee's gambling addiction. He went into personal information as a tactic of trying to get sympathy from me for his shops mistakes. At the end of his spiel we made a meeting time for 2 p.m. at which I was going to have my brother attend. At 2 p.m. I arrived without my brother in the hope of this getting resolved with my father a phone call away for a conference. I was verbally attacked in his office and insulted which resulted in my anger and voice raising as he implied IT WAS HIS WAY OR NO WAY BECAUSE HE IS A COP! His negotiations were unfair. He wanted to pay me weekly at first for the damages which was not even considerable as my car needs to be repaired. Then he refused to give me a reimbursement for my insurance check unless I agreed to his terms for the drivers side repair. He wanted my car to be fixed by his connections at a cheap price of $800.00. I was not having my car repaired by any of his connections. I wanted my car repaired by Scottsdale Collision or Camelback Volkswagon. He then refused to write the check and told me he would have his "connections" fix my car for less then $3000.00 for $8000.00+ of repairs. I refused as I have been taken advantage of enough and he only wanted to do that so my insurance money that they had would cover all damages. I said no again as this is a brand new car. It needs quality work, volkswagon parts, and by a body shop I am happy with. This was getting hopeless as again it was his way or no way. My two options: Sue him or accept a shaft job Upon trying to walk away another person joined the meeting. A salesman of his. He tried to put in his "professional" input trying to scare me with if they give me the check it would be insurance fraud. He also stated that my car needed to be turned into my insurance again and I need to pay for their damages to my car. I got more angered and stated I would not turn it into my insurance as I did not authorize anyone to drive my car or authorize any personal use. I as well was advised by Allstate that the check was written to me and needed to be returned back to me. After getting no where with him and enduring enough of his abuse I called Tempe Police. Tempe Police stated it was civil and there was nothing they could do about the gambling of my insurance check, the repairs of my car, the accident that their employee caused, or the 850 miles put on my car by their employee to drive my car for a month. He also told me that the owner said he will not give me my insurance check back unless I agree to his terms. Which was not an option as I am the VICTIM! I was also told by the officer that now the owner is claiming the body shop was not his and so he was not responsible. The story was changing to the officer even though I had printed emails of proof and conversations in which the owner told me repeatedly that if I sue him he will fire norm, the body shop employee. I told the officer this but he stated without more proof I had no complaint that could be filed because Hessam Rahimian was with Maricopa County Sherriff Department and he is stating that he has no affiliation with the body shop. So basically what I was told is as the victim I don't matter because Hessam word is more valuable. The officer did advise me that I could ask him for his insurance information for the dealership so I could work on a claim for my car to be repaired. Hessam Rahimian, the owner, refused any information. So after the refusal to give me reimbursement and insurance information, I was then treated like a criminal and told never to step foot on his property. I have been taken advantage of! My car has been destroyed! My money is being kept! My car is remaining damaged! I have more mileage on my car! I'm over a month without transportation till today! I will have to go another 3 weeks once I can actually get my car repaired, if it ever happens! And Tempe Police have refused to do a report because his word meant more to the officer then mine. I don't know how this can happen to innocent consumers.

p.s.: he was also told by the adjuster yesterday over the phone he needs to return my money and he needs to turn it into shop keepers insurance. He told the adjuster he didn't have shopkeepers insurance. He was advised its the law that I can choose any shop but he is liable to pay my damages and refund the insurance check.

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