Eric Russ Fred Eric Russ This individual took money for a product he did not provide. I requested return of the funds for goods not received and recei - Eric Russ

Eric Russ
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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This guy, Eric Russ uses Ebay to advertise a product, a Mackie D8B recording deck in my case. He then gets you to call him by phone and offers a cheaper price and collects the money through paypal. After a period of time you begin to notice.....NO CONTACT / NO SHIPPING INFORMATIOION / NO PRODUCT. When you call, all you get is excuses....then when you ask for your money back....he does not have it as he says business is slow and he needs to sell more products before he can return your money.....which NEVER HAPPENS. this guy a FRAUD / SCAM / CON or ALL THE ABOVE. I've just told you what my expreience is with Eric Russ in North can make up your own mind about dealings with him. Now I get to go through all the legal remedies to get my money back....which I will ceaselessly pursue.......Lou / San Antonio, Texas

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